Tender Pitch Coaching


When you get the tender pitch right you land the contract. When you deliver your tender pitch as strong and confident leaders who are not held captive to the PowerPoint screen you will be seen as strong partners capable of fulfilling the contract. This is what the buyer wants to see.


There are three issues that cause strong tenders to fall over at the pitch. They are:

  • Reading PowerPoint Slides. This makes you look weak.
  • Not answering the buyers only question in the first 30 seconds.
  • Not speaking as the strong leaders you are.


With so much on the line for the tender pitch, it causes people to fallback to the default position of doing what they have always done - even when they know this is boring and no-one likes it. After all, it’s what everyone else does.


To win pitches today you have to stop being a replacement for reading the tender documents and start speaking as an equal in the partnership. The buyer wants to get into bed with someone they can respect in the morning.


Start Winning More Tender Pitches

To win the business at the tender pitch, your presentation must be the bridge that enables the buyer to come and join you. This is achieved by:

  • Positioning - Being an equal in the relationship will pay off long-term.
  • Pertinent - Answer the right questions at the right time.
  • Proscription - Making it easy for you to present and the buyer to buy.


When you have these aspects to your tender pitch, you will be seen as an equal in the relationship and increase your chances of winning the pitch. Contact Darren today and win more business.

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