Presentation Skills Training Conducted Onsite.

The Confident Communicators Presentation Skills Training will give your team the skills to deliver interesting and engaging presentations every time.

The program will show them how to structure their thoughts so they can remember their message without reading slides.

It will give them the insight to know what the audience wants to hear so they deliver the right message in the right way. It will give them the confident to share their message so others want to listen and see them as a strong leader.

Conducted as either a 1, 2 or 3-day program, the Confident Communicator Presentation Skills Training program can include both group training and one-on-one coaching.

Broken into three modules, your team will gain the following insight:

Module 1 - The Speaker
  • How to position yourself as a leader
  • How others perceive you

  • How to control nervousness Getting your energy right
  • Beating the nerves – focusing techniques and exercises to control nervousness so you can perform.


Module 2 - The Audience
  • Understanding your audience
  • Audience analysis - shape your message to what they want to hear
  • How to identify triggers that will encourage your audience to listen
  • Why people listen – emotions backed by logic
  • Arousing emotions so people can buy.

Module 3 - The Message
  • Using stories – Bring dry content to life
  • Openings that will hook your audience from the first word
  • Vocal textures – Use your voice as a tool
  • Use stage mechanics to your advantage
No more "Ums, errs and ahs"
  • PowerPoint 2.0 – Moving on from Bullet-points
  • Structures that you can re-use time and again for impromptu speaking.
  • Templates that produce engaging presentations.

Each Participant Will:
  • Prepare and deliver a 10 minute presentation

  • Receive great feedback on it.
  • Understand how to handle the Q&A session like an expert
  • Get great feedback on their presentation.
  • Know what to do next to continue their journey.

This program can be structured as a one, two or three day program. 

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