One-on-One Executive Presentation Skills Coaching.

As you move up through the ranks the game changes. You get promoted because you are good at your craft. However, now you're the leader, the game has changed.

You need to stand at the front of the room in front of the staff, shareholders or the Board and share your vision. You have to do this with confidence, certainty and without preparation. This is the new game you're in. You have speak so others have confidence in you. You cannot share your message from behind a desk or via e-mail, and this skill set is not on your resume! 

The one-on-one executive coaching in presentation skills will give you the skills to share your message with confidence so others will want to follow your lead. Conducted one-on-one this coaching will give you:


  • Full benchmarking – review current areas of strength and opportunities to grow. 
  • PowerPoint 2.0. The world has moved on from bullet points. Have you? 

  • Building confidence – take control of nerves! 
  • Your unique IP - finding out what you know and packaging it so others will follow. 
  • The courage to step out of the mould – be different to other speakers and be remembered. 
  • Developing the message your audience wants to hear. 
  • Eliminate filler words. 


  • Engage your client from the first word. Google, Facebook and Twitter have changed our expectations. As a speaker you have to change too. 
  • Presentations in a box – structures you can use at a moments notice. 
  • Emotional connections – how to tap your audiences energy so they buy your vision. 
  • Bringing more of you to the stage – be the leader they want you to be. 

One-on-one coaching is designed for senior leaders who need to make instant changes in their skill set.


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