Ilead - Leadership Development Program

A business is only as strong as the people within it. When all staff and team members take personal leadership at work they operate more fully within their roles. They make decisions without deferring to others, take the initiative and back their judgement. This increases the speed of action, builds team cohesion and increases job and career satisfaction.


The iLead Development Program is designed for middle and upper management to develop their skills around the 9 core-competencies of iLead. These include:

Personal Positioning

Personal Positioning: How your staff see themselves is central to how colleagues perceive them and how effective they are. When they are seen as a strong leader, colleagues are more likely to follow and execute on plans.


Total Trust

Total Trust: When colleagues trust each other they spend less time worrying and checking and more time producing. Vertical trust encourages staff to contribute more, share their ideas and become more open in their business.

Complete Buy InComplete Buy In: Staff at every level have the power to either help an organisation realise its corporate objectives or kill it dead in its tracks. Increasing buy in is the proven method to help your organisation achieve in the market place.

Bullet-Proof Belief

Bullet-Proof Belief: Self Belief stands behind everything we do. Without it, great staff fail-to-fire and waste their potential. Staff with greater belief have deeper motivation, extra energy and stronger psychological resilience.  

leadership development

Language of Leadership: There are many subtle techniques that influence others to follow our ideas. When staff use these techniques they will sell more, be stronger leaders and more effective in their communication.

Compelling Visions

Compelling Vision: The vision for a business is more than numbers on a page. It needs to engage staff cognitively, emotionally and physically. A compelling vision attracts the right people, directs their actions and builds a common future.

Real Authenticity

Real Authenticity: Having your business goals aligned to your personal values makes them easier to achieve. Staff who are aligned to to their personal values take more actions, are more reliable and sleep better at night. 

Leadership Development Programs

Confident communications: The ability to share your message is the essence of your leadership. Staff who can move a room to action have greater confidence, stronger leadership and create a sense of inclusion that all teams need.

Simple Sales

Simple Sales: Sales is about meeting your customer as an equal, understanding their problems as an expert and guiding them as an authority. This positions you as a partner in their sales process and not just another supplier taking up their time.

Some of My Clients

Some of My Clients