Authority Sales Program


Increase your sales opportunities by 25% across a quarter.

There are three main problems my clients have before they engage me:


  • Inefficient use of time - Reps spend most of their day stuck in traffic, hanging-out in foyers and waiting for customers to call them back. This waste of time is not deliberate - it's just the way their role has evolved. It's time to claw back this lost time.
  • Problem locked - reps focus on the problem the customer called them out for. The reps don't have the skills to uncover the bigger issues that the current problem is a small symptom of.
  • Not positioned as equals in the sales conversations. Reps jump through hoops to win business because they are at the mercy of the buyer. But this is neither profitable nor dignifying. The result is a margin war that kills your cash flow. 

The way you can identify if your customers have a problem with your sales reps. These include:


  • Customers only seeing reps on a set day. If a rep brings value to the customer they will be allowed in any day of the week.
  • Reps accepting that 'an opportunity to quote next time' as a valid outcome. We all know this is code for go away you're wasting my time.
  • Reps constantly dealing with low-level decision makers and rarely seeing a real decision maker.
  • Reps giving out lots of brochures. A brochure does not give value to the customer - even full colour ones.

When your sales team can sell using the Authority Sales Framework they will have the positioning that will enable deeper conversations to close more deals.

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