Group Presentation Skills Training

Conducted in-house, this group training will bring your team up to speed with the latest best-practice for communicating their ideas with staff, customers or managers. Content of the program include:

  • Techniques to control nervousness
  • Thought structures that provide greater message clarity for the speaker and audience
  • Templates and structures to create unique and engaging presentations
  • How to step away from reading slides
  • How to engage the audience so they will retain the message
  • How to remember a 10 minute presentation with minimal notes
  • 6-month follow up program
  • Each participant will deliver a 10 minute presentation as part of the program and receive great peer and trainer feedback.

This program can be delivered as either a 1 or 2 day program and includes a mix of group training and one-on-one coaching. More infomration here

One-On-One Executive Coaching


Designed for senior business leaders and those who sell, one-on-one coaching gives exact insight into how to generate exponential growth in a very short time frame. The program is tailored for individual needs to ensure exact outcomes. Content of the coaching includes:


  • Full benchmarking to identify current strengths and weaknesses
  • Positioning as the leader when speaking
  • Thought structures to reduce preparation time
  • Techniques to control nervousness
  • Processes to engage the audience so they adopt your message
  • Developing your intellectual property so you can articulate a clear and concise message to your staff and market
  • Stepping away from PowerPoint to speak as the leader.

This program is delivered as a one or two day program and will ensure you have all the necessary skills to speak as the leader you are. More information here

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