Expected Results From Engaging Darren

The reason for training staff is to help them be more productive at work. Below are just some of the outcomes you can expect when engaging various trainings from Darren Fleming


Improved communications. Confident staff share their ideas more clearly so others understand. This reduces costly errors and rework

Greater energy in staff and leaders. Staff who are confident in their ability to share their message have greater belief and energy in what they are doing. This enables them to get more done at work.

Greater team bonding. Team bonding happens only when team members know about each other. When team members see each other perform well they are.

Daily interactions with customers. When staff know how to manage sales calls and interactions they become more profitable for your organisation and the customer,

More confident staff. Confident staff make better decisions, take more action and increase profit for you organisation

Great ideas. Empowered and confident staff are more likely to share their ideas on how things can be improved.

Increased sales. Staff who know how to control and guide a sales conversation can ask for more order numbers. This is what it is all about

Greater trust. Managers that know who to build trust with their staff are better leaders of more productive teams.

Staff that have buy-in. When staff buy in to the message that senior leaders are selling organisational goals are met and budgets achieved.

A compelling vision. Staff and leaders who know how to set and execute on a vision all members have a common goal to fall in and help achieve. This drives teams and projects to achieve corporate objectives.

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