About Darren


Darren has spent the last 20 years selling and influencing. He has worked for large multinational companies and small backyard operations. He has worked for the government, in banking and for himself. He is a thought leader in communication, leadership and influence. He is passionate about helping your staff achieve their best selves at work and at play.


Darren's clients span many sectors - aviation, mining, agriculture, banking, finance, wholesale, retail, government and many more. To his clients he is the confidant that sits back and watches their performance. He adjusts their ideas, message and technique so they can position themselves as the guru in the room that others need to listen too.


Darren helps technical experts share their message so others want to listen. He helps them position themselves as the leaders others want to follow. He can help your staff develop their authority, improve communication and increase sales so you can grow your business.


Some of My Clients